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today we’re going to be discussing the low temp cap that Parnav just did a
little demo on as well as some changes to the website as you probably know
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then for those of you who tuned in every DynaVap live or if you’re a new viewer
every time we do a DynaVap live we put out a new community question and this
week’s question was what type of content would you like to see on our new blog on
our website which is kind of highlighting one of the new features and
so the options were staff AMA which is have asked me anything
tips and tricks a biweekly updates that we can put out customer content
spotlights or an editorial the clear winner was tips and tricks and so we
will definitely do some of that I’d also think in the staff AMA would be fun yeah
I’d be fun weekend like as charge some questions and there’s so many cool guys
up there so yeah and it kind of gives you a little bit more insight on what
goes on in the company and so be sure to check that out and as we just touched on
that blog you may have noticed that the website has gotten a little bit of a
minor facelift and one of the big things is you if you haven’t already reset your
password if you’re registered on the website you just click the reset
password link now if you do not get the email to reset your length be sure to
check your spam folder and then let’s kind of touch on some of the changes
probably the most one that we just mentioned is the blog and so the blog is
a new thing that we’re going to be doing to kind of expand the community a little
bit and so our first one was just kind of highlighting some of the changes but
like our first official blog post and I think fitting with the time of year is
sharing the memories people’s first fat cat memories and memorable moments that
they’ve had with their device and so this first one that kind of has a short
clip with Samia peed myself talking about some number of moments that we
have and we really stress we want to see you share your stories in the comments
that’s the whole thought behind this we really kind of want to get more insight
and what made it experience memorable for you or how you were introduced it
like was there a memorable thing that happened with it we want to see those
and we want to really engage with our community and so that kind of covers the
blog and then what’s another new feature that you’ve seen I think my favorite
section is the way to buy section because I’m pretty sure you’ve been
getting a lot of questions hey where’s the closest place but I can just go and
buy one yeah that is easily one of the most frequent questions that we haven’t
seen them as much since we actually launched this feature but that was
something I got asked at least probably 10 times a day is where can i buy one
near me and so you just go to the where to buy section in the website put in
your info as demonstrated here and you’ll see the closest retailers to you
now this is not a complete list we are still importing the data from our
different wholesalers and they have to send us the info and uh give us
permission to display their info on our website but be sure to check that out
and if you don’t see one still shoot us a call and we can let us know if there’s
a closer store near you and we also want to give a couple shout outs to a couple
new stores that just sign on with us such as west coast gifts out of
Vancouver VAP Gold Coast in Australia and rainbow on Bay out of Thunder Bay
Canada which actually we’re Sheldon is from Boise so I almost wonder if he had
his hand in that one at all because he does go up there from time to time and
so I think that’s a really great feature that we added it just makes things a lot
easier for people and I we have to mention this video been hammered this
end we have to mention the new video section on the site it’s been updated
and continue to be updated with our frequent videos and we’ll have we have
over a hundred now and so be sure to check that out if you want to see some yeah and that was such a fun day and
people get to see more of that day on Sneaky Pete Channel tomorrow
I hope so so he should be dropping a video of his time children Wisconsin in
a little door inside dynamap so I think it would be the first time people get to
see like get a little sneak peek into how we run things there it’ll be a cool
video I like how you phrase that week week
thank you Peter and we’ll be featuring a lot of tips and
tricks on that video section as well it’s just gonna make it easier to find
those videos that help you work your device and just get a better experience
and that kind of leads us into the segment where we answer those questions
which is the snap this week we’re actually going to be discussing how to
deal with those finicky ol rings on your titanium tips so take it away Ben this
is the snap welcome to the snap this is the segment where we answer frequently
asked questions in a very rapid fire format so let’s get right into it one of
the most frequently asked questions we receive is what to do when the o-rings
are bunching up during reassembly of your device this primarily happens with
the titanium tip with its extra ring but it has a rather easy fix it does seem a
little bit counterintuitive because it’s primarily just taking extra time now
during reassembly of my device I always make sure I have some Dynomax handy to
make sure that I properly lubricate those already prior to reassembly I just
take a small amount put it on I should be good to go beware of using excessive
Dino wax like I am demonstrating here as it can cause the o-rings to bunch up
when inserting the tip avoid doing so at an angle if you look closely there’s
almost like a slight little a what I’m trying to do that you want to try to do
it as straight as you possibly can to avoid that bunching up to occur simply
press in and you’ll actually feel it snap into place but if those o-rings
bunch up the primary fix is to just rotate the device look at where they’re
bunching from and apply pressure from the opposite angle and rotate and let
the device tell you what needs to be done if
it’s bunching up one way rotate and push the other way just rock it back and
forth and take your time and it will eventually go in with no
issues don’t try to rush it if you keep pressing the o-rings are just going to
keep bunching up over one another and it’s not gonna work so in conclusion the
fixed inserting all those o-rings into your midsection using a titanium tip
simply just take your time let the device tell you what needs to be done
and apply it pressure from the appropriate angles and wipe away any
excess dye no wax it’s really simple just take your time and you’ll have no
issues and that has been the snap I’m retail Josh and thanks for watching welcome back yep
and so we hope you found that informative and then just a quick note
so if you still find that your rings are bunching up even after following those
tips there might be an issue with the tolerances sometimes so you just reach
out to us and we’ll take care of you yep and we’d be happy to do that for you
and then you know a couple of questions yeah you saw a couple good ones that
came in during the snap and so I like 1zx one or zx-11 can how did we decide
on the three colors any colors you would like to see that’s a great question
oh so the way we decided that was we knew that we needed to do a variant of
black because black is such such a good color for vaporizers in general and a
lot of people like black and since the shadow last year was such a great
success we had to do a black but not keep it the same keep things fresh so we
decided to go with the Phantom which is a lighter matte gray kind of a finish
and then we needed one in contrast with that so I think gold was a really good
option it’s easy it’s such a bold color and then we wanted to do a much more
vibrant color so pink was on our minds but then the way these turned out yeah I
mean I’m lost for words because they just look so beautiful it’s kind of like
our whole thing was all we want you to be discreet but here’s this really loud
vibrant colored vaporize that no one can miss I think this is the favorite my
favorite color we’ve ever done the rhodium it just my two by far what do
you do with your avb I save it for a rainy day
yeah what do you do with it I save it and I store it for a very long time
until I get enough to do some really fun stuff with it okay Josh what is your
daily driver us by Chris so it really kind of depends typically I like to
stick to one of the HydraVonG with a low time cap or the Hydra OmniVong I’d like to run mine through water most of the time even though I started with
an OmniVap XL I just like it through water it’s just a
there’s just something about it it’s I find it so much more fun and enjoyable
Josh any plans to allow faster shipping that is something that is actually
hopefully will be ready soon medicine that it’s been in the works for a long
time because we know people have been asking
for it it’s just a matter of getting that all programmed and contracts dealt
with with a different shipping carriers so hopefully it is soon yeah hopefully
soon that fingers crossed we have that ready very soon and then I see a really
good one uh so personalization plants from Maximilian Vega I almost wonder if
he’s talking about like custom pieces or things like that
well we always want to do something unique and something fun for everyone so
hopefully we do something fun soon some something customizable or a limited run
or something yeah we should have something we always got something up our
sleeves in some way shape or form and then before we take any more questions I
kind of want to highlight one of the other new features on the website as a
new streamlined purchasing experience we actually have a little demo here that
kind of goes over the experience as a whole where before every little thing
that you would add in your cart it would have to refresh and reload and so now
it’s pretty much all done and one seamless screen so you can see here
clicking on vaporizers simply scroll down you can select on your option and
say the Phantom to the cart and you have all your info that was there before it’s
gonna look very familiar but once you add a device to your cart you’re gonna
notice it changes you just have that little mini pop-up card um dude I like
that yep and you can put in your zip code or your postal code where you’re
going you can pick the city that it’s gonna be shipping to and then it’ll tell
you how much shipping is if you already taxed and you can put in your discount
code if you have one of those and from that point you can go right back into
the shop and you can browse around look at the different product photos
hopefully we’ll actually have some videos added in there too to give you a
little bit extra insight on what that device looks like because it’s hard to
always tell with their products how it will look from
two-dimensional photograph and then you can go to the parts section click on say
the low-temperature cap read that look at the different photos and then Add to
Cart and now you’ll be able to go right into it it’s gonna show that right there
you can edit it just makes the experience a lot quicker and easier it’s
a lot snappier it’s not as slow as it used to be which i think will make a lot
of people happy I know just working on it in the backend it’s a lot easier now
hey this is my favorite yes we used to have like all the stashes listed
individually and now that’s just a drop-down with all the woods so this
makes things so much easier yep and it’s in goes for the different
kits too or the packs where we would have cedar or walnut now you can choose
which one you prefer in the checkout rather than having to put in the order
no let’s hope that we see it now it’s a lot more clear and concise on what
you’re getting in the same I think goes for like different torch colors and
things like that if that’s okay there already it will soon and then you have
your address line 2 on there it’s just overall a much easier experience so we
hope you like it and I think now would be a good time to actually kind of
introduce the low temp cap a little bit other thing it’s an excellent day and so
if you haven’t seen already we’re actually gonna show George’s preview of
the low temp cap right now introducing the low temperature cap by dynamap
there’s a little icon on the back just to make sure you know which one it is it
looks like a tea because it’s all about taste temperature maybe even terpenes
fill-in-the-blank the low temperature cap is simply a new tool to enable you
to modify your experience with the vApp cap more to your liking give you another
way to change things up a little bit it clicks at a slightly lower temperature
about 7 to 10 degrees C or somewhere in that 15 to 17 degrees fahrenheit range
when heating your low temperature cap or any other cap for that matter the way
that you heat it can have a profound impact in terms of the temperature that
it clicks and the overall experience that you have with your device
keep your cap positioned at a slight angle and above probably a finger width
or better the bright blue part of the flame but like this rotate or sideways
either is fine and generally stop heating at the click if you want a
higher temperature extraction heat a little bit lower you’re going to lower
temperature or flavorful extraction get a little bit closer to the groove on the
cap the low temperature cap makes your VAT cap into a terpene tasting tool
thanks for watching please let us know what you think of the new
low-temperature cap by dynamap welcome back we hope you like that
little intro George giving a little insight on that low temp cap and when we
release that we got a lot of feedback from Reddit and on that video and one of
the most common questions that we saw was how did the low temp cap come about
like what’s its origin and so you being in automation research and development I
think that’s a perfect question for you that’s a good question
before I get into that I really like the way it was released like we didn’t hype
it up or anything we just dropped them in the colored and pre-orders and they
just arrived at people’s doorsteps so they could actually try it before you
know like they just see this ad for a low temp cap so that was pretty nice and
we got a lot of good feedback but i sat with George yesterday and kind of asked
him the history of of the cap and he filled me in on a little backstory and
this is interesting trivia here so the low temp cap actually was supposed to be
the cap back when George was developing the DynaVap and the reason why it wasn’t
the cap was when the feedback he initially got was that compared to the
other vaporizers in the market at the time you weren’t getting those big
massive clouds so when he was first trying to guess what the temperature
range should be for the cap this was it but it had to be tweaked eventually and
as time moved on a lot of people were asking for a lower temperature gap
especially mark you know mark from our department he he kept asking for a lower
temperature cap for certain materials that I can say vaporize at a slightly
lower temperature so George handed me a little baggie with the original snap
does the back from I would say 2014-2015 and he asked me to make some caps with
those disks and I made some I handed them over to mark and I took some I took
them home and the first time I tried it I was like holy cow wow this is this is
awesome and this should be out there I was like George we need to like send
these out to the people and well we took the right steps we sent it
out to the beta testers I think they were out to the beta testers made me so
it’s been quite a while it’s been a couple of months and the reason for that
is the cap is it’s kind of a key element for DynaVap for the VapCap and
before we made any significant change we wanted to deliberate over it and not
take it lightly you know so as soon as we send them out to the beta testers
instant instant feedback was wow this is awesome because we’re getting so much
flavor it’s extending our sessions and why isn’t this out yet we kept getting
that same response we should release this and we still decided to take it a
little slow we didn’t want it just like push our product out into the market
just we we kept collecting that feedback and ever since I switched to a low temp
cap it’s been my daily drive off what I hope so I was all in for it and yeah now
we’re here now it’s out there and I remember seeing a reddit post just two
days ago that says that this person got 18 cycles out of a low temp cap which is
insane the most I got out of it was like 8 or 9 so just hearing that someone took
it up to 18 is fantastic and that’s what it’s all about you know like T we have
the T logo on there T’s for taste dough means temperature and we have the two
downward arrows so that indicates yeah I I think it’s I will still remember the
day where you first tried it and you message me you’re like you gotta try
this and it was like two weeks before I got you so I was like it shouldn’t like
crazy just to get my hands on it so we finally we met up cuz you’re gonna go to
the farmers market and you’re like oh you could finally try the low temp that
was a good day and so did like six heat cycles and like okay that that tip is
probably done let’s go and let me just put it this way I bought way too much
cheese and not enough produce at the farmers market so it did its job and
when we got back I looked at it and it was still looked like it had barely been
used and was able to go all over again and since that it’s that’s all I’ve been
using it’s been so hard to keep quiet on this because it was at six months yes
yeah I know it was it was because it came out around the same time or was in
development around the same time as HydraVong yes so I was using those two
together at the same time having to keep my mouth shut for both of them it was so
tough like sharing the different photos on social media and be like alright
that’s the run one got it remove the tip take the photo again but it’s such a
light explain a little bit to me because this is a question that I think is
really important how is it different from just heating the clothes under the
cap well that’s a good question and the way I would answer it is there’s a lot
of variables at play but there’s a lot of compounds that vaporize at a lower
temperature so when you’re starting off with a lower temperature cap you’re able
to extract just those compounds and you get that flavor you get that wispy wispy
headbutt which is again amazing in taste it’s the way you smell it is the way you
taste it and I think George keeps saying that and I’ve also seen a lot of people
what they do is they’ll start off with the low temp cap and I’ve tried this as
well do like five or six cycles with the low temp and then switch to a regular
cap which also works perfectly because you keep getting those successive low
temp it’s and get extract all that flavor out from your material and then
you can fully extract it with a regular cap it really reduces the range I think
it makes it a lot easier for people because the way that I kind of see it
when you’re using the regular cap you know it yet the whatever it’s titanium
tip or stainless steel tip that metal has to it will eventually get to that
temperature where the click occurs and so that heat will retain so if you do a
subsequent eat cycle they’re gonna be already at that higher temperature with
that lower temperature cap you’re gonna be able to maintain that lower
temperature that’s the more subsequent draws I think you’re right I think the
right word is we’ve extended the range we’ve not narrowed it down we’ve
extended the range and given people more options
and yeah I I absolutely loved it I think like in the feedback that we’ve seen so
far to once people got their hands on it they’ve really really liked it and so
let’s take a couple other questions here do we plan for a high temp gap that’s an
excellent question and the answer is well if a lot of people reach out to us
and ask for one we will work on it I mean we we are working on it but people
want it we we should be able to make that happen
because I know that a lot of people have been asking for it for concentrates and
high temp for concentrates would be preferable
yes definition something to look out for something to look out for here’s one
that I like too is the Phantom is hard wearing is a galvanized shadow app
that’s an excellent question from the internal testing that we’ve done I think
the Phantom is the most durable finish that we’ve ever had so even like even
the cap itself it’s really hard to get a patina except for where the logo is
because that layer has been etched out but even if you get a patina it just
rubs right off and it’s a really durable coating another one – Dan K which T tip
heats up more easily though both they’re both easy to heat but in terms of Martin
what would you say is the easier one it comes down to personal preference you
know they both heat up pretty much the same but the stainless retains heat for
a little longer so some people prefer stainless some people prefer die I have
both so I keep switching yeah I switch them up all the time I typically like
I’ll go back-to-back like if I’m running through water sometimes I’ll use the
stainless it comes try both and pick which one you like more I see another
one from Brian right DynaBuilder coming back so the DynaBuilder
currently is gone we are working on a replace it and we just can’t say what it
is yet or what it will look like so you will see more info on that in the future
bearded where would you like to see DynaVap in five years new projects designs
wow that’s a that’s a charge question yes well I would like to see it well that’s really all I can say as long
as I’m still employed here like this is a fun place yeah and I wouldn’t have to
be here for us to come and so Bearden said you won one of the stainless steel
M’s because that was a great question so put your four digits of your ID the last
four in the chat and shoot an email over to Cheryl and we’ll get that sent out to
you I see another good one here one of my cats only clicks one time is this a
bad cat I’ll let you take this one away pronoun it’s not a bad gap so there’s
the students and what we’ve always said is one one one of the cliques is a
redundancy clip but sometimes they can actuate at the same time and sometimes a
momentum from one disk is enough to like actuate the second disk so as long as
you respect the click you’re good to go yeah like what I see a lot of time at
home is I’ll get one click on heat up and then I’ll hear to do it I’ll heal
the one cool down click I’ll go to check the doneness and then it’ll click in my
hand as I’m sure you’ve experienced a lot of other people have as well and
that’s that’s something about the cap like each each cap out there has its own
character you know you kind of develop a relationship with your device because
it’s unique and Italy click differently yeah and it’s 100
percent right and that’s actually how I am with my low temp cap after using it
for so long I have many caps at home as you could imagine as you do too so my
fiancee she likes the standard cap for the majority of the time and so she’ll
swap it out and then I’ll be searching through my supply and try to find the
low temp cap and because that’s what I like and you really do get a really
personal intimate connection with your device will the low temp cap help deal
with my induction heat oh that has a tendency to overheat with the regular
tab this is a good question and the best way to answer is induction heaters it’s
it’s it’s difficult because each induction heater is tuned differently
and it all comes down to the magnetic poem you
ability of the disks themselves which is much higher than the cap and the tip so
you need to like find out how your induction heater runs and then try to
adjust accordingly maybe go in for like a couple of seconds after the click so
you need to try it out with your low time cap with your regular cab just find
the sweet spot now this is one that I see all the time I I just saw it pop up
in the chat any plans for a bigger tip like with larger capacity that one is a
very interesting question it’s definitely feasible but the difficulty
of it because you would be dealing with the physics cuz that cap is calibrated
to work with that size as soon as you increase the diameter the whole physics
of the whole device changes am I correct in that assumption that’s you are
correct with that assumption but I I wouldn’t say no that we wouldn’t do it
we can do it the question is should we you know because we have a good bowl
size if you want to do more you can always refill it up and the device just
works thank fantastic you know and a lot of people do not try the lower bowl
settings on the tighter but if you haven’t yet I would highly recommend
doing that because you get massive clouds even on the lower settings and I
didn’t do it for the longest time and it was actually a couple of weeks ago that
I did for this before dinner right before dinner I tried it for the first
time I was like wow like even on the smallest setting you get massive clouds
so yeah it was George sneaky peed myself and video pan and we all pulled off of
it and like got the effect and that was using the low temp cap as well so yeah
if you have or die tip and you haven’t tried the lower setting I would highly
recommend doing that and give us some feedback let us know what you think and
then I see another good one here silicone er containers coming back
answer for that as eventually another one hairy Dino Dino stash with a
built-in heater is that in the works dynasty wow that’s a good that’s a good
suggestion it’s not in the works but maybe it would be mark Brazil has a good
one would be nice to have the option to add to existing orders again before they
ship that is something that we are currently working on it is a limitation
the current site but like if you want to ever edit your order cancel it I just
give us a call we can get you set up like with voiding your transaction so
that way you can place a new order as soon as possible
it doesn’t look Nabal us to do some swaps and things like that as long as
it’s the same price in a lot more easy fashion
I see another good one from forest sky well the low temp cap vaporized material
as thoroughly as the original cap the answer is yes you might take longer
because you’ll have to do a lot of successive cycles to get that full
extraction because after each successive cycle that is heat that’s retained in
the tip so the dynamics of it works in such a way that you have to keep doing
successive cycles until you get that full extraction but you can always
switch over to a regular cap and extract it completely and so see some really
good questions and this one is from geomatic any special tips for cleaning
cap to travel see for me like when you travel you typically just give the one
that you brought with awake don’t you yes I do I do the same thing I know that
everyone is not in a position to do that so how would you best clean it I would
say the best thing is follow the I would say go to our YouTube channel we have a
video of how to clean the cap I would follow the steps for a deep clean really
let it soak too really with some soapy water make sure that you get all that
particulate matter out and scrub it with a q-tip or a cotton swab and really kind
of get in there and then that’s what I really love about the VapCap is that
it’s so easy to clean you know everything comes apart and you can just
rinse it out yeah and I’m like there’s so many different ah solvents that you
can use or cleaning solutions like I very rarely use the traditional method
it really you do what works for you oh this is a great one from keeps it keeps
it crypto can you make color tips in tea I answer is yes we can do color and dye
we have done color anodizing but we can also do PVD so we haven’t done any yet
but I there’s no reason to say that we wouldn’t in the future so yeah we might
yep and so I think that’s it’s a really there’s always stuff changing going on
and then oh I see one here from mark our youth I think you guys should release a
seven fin titanium tip like those rare ones that show up now and again we see
that request all the time yeah it’s yes I’ve seen them so many times and it’s a
really cool tip I actually tried it for the first time sometime last month
because I kept seeing these comments and posts on Reddit talking about the San
Fran tip I was like George I need to try this and he handed me one it’s it’s it’s
a cool tip it’s it’s really nice but we haven’t made any since and it’s quite a
piece yeah they like I’m the different like trade our forums and boards I
usually get snatched up right away I think that’s that’s something that’s
special about it is that it is read yeah I story right not purchasing my when
they’re available like back in like mid 2018 they did a small release of them
all here’s one and I think we still have one more device to give away right
kollene here oh yes we need to pick one more winner no question that I really
like is Maximilian Vegas most unorthodox cleaning method I would let you have
that because you have the most unorthodox Avant I typically will use a
saucepan in some type of high-fat liquids such as whole milk because that
the lipids in that act as a solvent it cleans everything away and then you get
the effects of all that then you get a good milkshake exactly you get to relax
for a couple hours so it’s very very nice that’s my preferred method to do it
I love being in the kitchen so like with my leftover material or my condenser I
couldn’t let them get very dirty and just enjoy the ride that I get out of it
and so Maximilian Vega shoot your info over to put first put your last four
digits the chat and shoot your info over to
Cheryl and we’ll get one out to you and then one last question for the evening
any plans for colored on the xl’s not yet but maybe in the future excellent
and so we want to thank you all for tuning in we really appreciate it
loved all the great questions that we got tonight and we want to thank our
crew bed and brace for behind the cameras Koli and Karen taking care of
the questions and let us know what you think about the low temp cap down in the
comments or shoot us an email using the contact form on the website and let us
know what you thought of today’s episode be sure to subscribe to our YouTube
channel ring the bell if you haven’t already and follow the Instagram that
predominate us yes some pretty big plans coming up for the holidays don’t you
pretty big plans for the holidays lot lot more giveaways and cool pictures so
follow us on Instagram and our next episode is actually gonna be a little
bit different it’s going to be on November 27th I believe it’s a Wednesday
it’s not a Thursday at this time and it’s at 4:19 p.m. Central Time we’ll be
doing some special stuff yeah we’ll be giving the details of our Black Friday
sale and giving some really cool stuff away so be sure to check us out then at
4:19 I’m November 27th once again thank you all for tuning in fingers I’ll see
you then bye thanks for watching for more videos click here or here and don’t
forget to subscribe you

DynaVap Live | Low Temp Cap & New Website Features | November 7th
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19 thoughts on “DynaVap Live | Low Temp Cap & New Website Features | November 7th

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    Sent my email for the costume reward, patiently waiting for a reply. Ty for everything

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    So impressed with my Rosium M!! Cant get enough of it, and that low temp cap is fucking genius and the flavor I get from my bud is great!

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    refreshing …

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    @0:17 Josh: "Pranav"

  • November 8, 2019 at 8:31 pm

    I used my Low-Temp cap on my Omni xl ti with my vaphotbox induction heater and it clicked at least 30% faster than the regular cap. I have the screen positioned at 50% and fill it to about 3/4 of that, so i'm using very little flower and still getting very potent hits from it. The clouds seem a little less dense but the hits are cooler and more flavorful and very effective. So, if the cap is heating up sooner than it must be extending the life of my vaphotbox, which is an added bonus. Today I'm going to try it out on my 2019M and see how it works with stainless steel. Thank you, DYNAVAP!!

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    When I ordered my M, I thought it arrived very quickly…..very happy with it but I am going to get a cooling cap someday !

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    It works unbelievably well, haven't used any of the spare parts I purchased for it.

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    Great set.


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