[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, my name is Gary Gibb. And I’m going to demonstrate
to you the abilities of our new PowerPoint
plugin that you can use to create custom
PowerPoint templates that include Domo cards. To get the PowerPoint
plug-in, all you do is go to the admin page. From the admin page, you
select tool downloads, and under tool
downloads, there’s Workbench, other plug-ins. Here’s the PowerPoint plugin. I select the button, and it will
download it into my browser. From here, I open this,
and it will walk me through an installation
wizard where I select all of the core options. I’m going to take the
defaults in this case, and run the installation. It doesn’t take long. And now it’s installed. So next time I go into
PowerPoint, I come up, and when I bring up PowerPoint. Let me pick one of these, we
just have an example template. And now, I’m going to go
up to the top of the page, and you notice that
I have this Domo tab. This is the Domo plug-in. So now these abilities have
been added to your PowerPoint. So I can come in here
and have my own template. So this is my weekly
report, for example. And inside of here, I can have
all kinds of custom things I want, custom page here. And then, at this
point, what I want to do is I want to show
you how to introduce. So let’s say this is the end. But in here, I want to
insert several slides from my Domo Instance. All I have to do
is I go up here, and I can select a
different format. What I’m picking is
the template that is going to show how my cards
are going to be displayed inside of this presentation. So for this case, you
can see that I’ve got– I don’t want this to
overlap with my border that I have inside of here. So I’m going to size
this down a little bit. Size down the title a little
bit so it fits nicely. And then, let’s say, I don’t
want to include the owner name. I do care about the
last updated dates, so I’m going to size that. And I’m going to make sure that
it doesn’t go out of bounds. All right. So now, I’ve set
up the template. The template is what is going
to be used for all of the cards that I select to download,
in this instance. I can do this multiple times. I can have multiple templates
inside of the same PowerPoint presentation. But I’m going to show
you one at this point. So now, I go up
and say, OK, now, I’m going to go choose the page
that includes all of the cards that I’m looking for here. So I’m going to pick
from one of my pages. And I’m going to pick
this demo instance. And now, I pick next. He goes out and
picks a thumbnail out of all of those cars that
are available on that page. From here, I can select all of
the cards that I care about, or deselect those that I
don’t want to show inside of this presentation. So let’s deselect
those, and this, sure. That’s good enough. Now, I want to go
create the slides. Now it goes and creates
a full page slide of each of those cards
from my Domo instance. As this comes down,
you can see that it’s creating all of these pages
inside of my PowerPoint presentation. And here they are. So from this template, I
got my projections page, my sales by state, all
of these different pages are now downloaded and
inserted into my presentation. The bottom I still
have my The End. I have the introductory pages. And this page is something that
you probably just want to hide, or you can delete it. But the point is,
all of these pages will now be in your format,
but from the Domo instance. And may help you to tell your
story– your business story– in the PowerPoint presentation. That’s all that we have
for the PowerPoint plugin. I hope that it works
well for you, thanks.

Domo PowerPoint Plugin

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