Would you like to learn how to create a new app for your smartphone?
Then you should visit our department! Hello, I’m Carmine DeSanto, Chair of the Mathematics,
Computer Science and Information Technology Department. Interested in building a robot or working with a raspberry pi?
The raspberry pi is a little PC that can control a robot, build a game console or play high-definition video. Our majors in the computer and mathematics club
learn how to program this raspberry pi! Speaking of math majors, did you know a new Wall Street Journal survey
listed an actuary as the best job? Actuaries help design insurance policies,
pension plans, and other financial strategies. A degree in mathematics is a great way to start a career
as an actuary and earn a high paying salary. This is just one example where Mathematics is fundamental
to many careers in science, engineering, medicine, and finance. Our Programs in Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics
help students enter a variety of exciting professional careers in computer simulation, software design, economic forecasting,
developing new technologies and energy resources! Our majors are employed by Internet service providers and related services firms.
The programmers of tomorrow will be the wizards of the future and are going to look like they have magical powers
compared to everyone else! So, if you’re looking for an exciting job opportunity
and want to learn more about these super magical powers, call or email us to meet our faculty to discuss your career plans!
Looking forward to meeting you!

Discover exciting careers in Math, Computer Science and Information Technology | Computer Degree

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