cubase 10.5 update mulab 8.3 wavesfactory cassette free plugins and more welcome to the home studio show on
simple green tech I’m Zane and on this show I do news and reviews of audio
software like plugins and digital audio workstations I also check out at least
one free plug-in in every episode and I try to do an audio tip or a motivational
tip in every episode and something new I’m starting this week is I’m going to
ask you a trivia question and if you answer it correctly I’ll give you a
shout out in the next video and podcast which reminds me you can also download
this as a podcast from but right
now let’s get into this week’s episode so first up in news we have Cubase 10.5
this update provides new features and enhancements in the Pro Edition you’ll
get the spectral comparison EQ this allows you to route two tracks to the
same EQ and you can compare the spectral curves in the display which will help
you to see where you need to do some tweaks in the pro artists and elements
version you get video export render so if you’re working on scoring a video you
can now render the video with audio into an mp4 file in the pro and artist
version to get the new multi-tap delay effect also pro and artist users get the
updated pad shop synth pad shop 2 includes many upgrades including 100 new
presets to get you started and in all versions you get the colorized mixer
channel which changes the color of the mixer channel to match the track there
are 10 other main updates in Cubase 10.5 I’ve linked to their site in the
description below so you can easily click on that incase you want more
information on this great digital audio workstation next up in audio news we
have another DAW or digital audio workstation mulab has updated to
version 8.3 this release addresses several fixes and improvements plus add
some new features nothing too major here you’ve got event mutes that let you mute
individual event and with the new multi-point envelope
module you can control the global level parameter that lets you automate and
modulate the overall output level of a looped envelope and another new feature
is in the windows 32-bit version you get the convert Rex files function which
converts all Rex files in a folder to standard WAV files which also include
the Rex slice marks mu lab is a very easy to use digital audio workstation
with some great features a link to my review of mulab 8 in the description
below and now in audio interface news MOTU has released the M2 and M4 USB
audio interfaces they’re compatible with Mac Windows and iOS the M2 and M4
claim to offer the best in-class audio quality best in class speed meaning low
latency and best-in-class metering with the full color LCD and you get all of
the features that you would expect from a modern audio interface like 48 volt
phantom power plus midi i/o and loopback driver channels for live streaming and
podcasting I’ve linked to the MOTU website so you can check them out in
more detail the final piece of audio news in this episode is from the company
wavesfactory and they’ve released an audio plugin called Casette this
emulates vintage cassette tapes and cassette tape decks so you can get that
vintage recording sound of a cassette tape if you’re old enough you’ll
remember the days of ghetto blasters and winding your tapes up with a pencil
after your tape deck a dit and yep this plug-in emulates all of that great
stuff with many options you can choose from a few different tape decks from pro
quality to tiny portable tape players you can also change the actual tapes
that you want to use and each tape and each deck effects the sound of your
signal this plug-in may sound like something that you might want to avoid
but you can use this in a really creative and fun way to take your tracks
to another level if you’re liking this episode of the home studio show so far
please give it a thumbs-up if you’re watching it on YouTube I really
appreciate it now we’re going to move on to the plugins worth checking out
section and we talked about it earlier I’m going to check out wavesfactory
cassette this is a great saturation plugin that can really add some interest
to your tracks whether you’re just using it in the intro of your song or in the
bridge or maybe you want to use it on a specific instrument through the entire
track wavesfactory cassette will give you a sound that separates you from all
of the digital music being created nowadays so let’s give it a quick listen
here it is on a drum track now here it is on a synth track and now here it is on an entire mix let me know what you think of
wavesfactory cassette if you already have it or are thinking of getting it what do
you plan on using it on at the time of recording this video wavesfactory
cassette is actually on sale at plugin boutique I’ve linked to them in the
description below next up in plugins worth checking out
I have SONiVox twist this is a spectral morphing synthesis instrument from
soniVox it combines a dynamic interface an
advanced pattern generator and onboard effects with some time-saving controls
to swirling sound layers provide unique harmonic controls forming the foundation
for every patch common elements include a monstrous multimode filter independent
amp and filter envelope generators plus a remarkable LFO that can be synced to
the current tempo the on-screen interface is clean and uncluttered the
well-defined controls deliver incredible sound sculpting abilities while
providing immediate audio results now let’s give some of the presets a quick
listen this is actually a pretty cool
instrument let me know what you think of it in the comments below also you can
let me know of any plugins effects or instruments that I should check out in
future episodes I really want you to be a part of this show as well alright
before I get into the free plugins section of the show I’ve got that new
feature which is the trivia section I’m going to ask you a question and the
first ten people to answer it before I release the next episode will get a
shout out in the next episode so here’s the question name the song and the
original artist or band from these lyrics in a trap trip I can’t grip never
thought I’d be the one who’d slip so let me know if you know the song and band or
artist in the comments below now it’s time to move on to the free plug-in
section first up is a free plugin from reflekt audio
this one’s called Xylo wood this is a free VST and au instrument plugin for
Mac OS and Windows it’s based on a real authentic wooden xylophone that’s
located at a local museum wherever the reflect audio people live
and here’s a sample of xylo wood I’ve linked to the reflekt audio website
in the description below so you can head over there and grab that free plugin if
you like next up is a free EQ plug-in that I’ve mentioned in some videos
before but they just recently updated it and this one is tokyo dawn labs slick EQ
they’ve added VST three support and if you’re on a Mac they added Catalina
compatibility this update enhances both the free version and the paid version
with 3 UI scales zero latency modes and several bug fixes if you go with the
paid version which is slickEQ GE this update comes with deep functionality
updates a new smart operations panel a special dual mono mode imposing
randomized tolerant similar to real world electronics and a new saturation
mode I use slick EQ on pretty much every video that I create so let’s listen to
some examples of it here it is on a synth track now I’ll show you how I use it on my
voice this is a recording of my voice demonstrating the slick EQ plug-in this
has not been edited this is a recording of my voice demonstrating the slick EQ
plug-in this has been edited with slick EQ if you know of a free plug-in that I
should check out in a future episode please let me know in the comments I
want this show to be for you so let me know what you want to see now we’re
going to move on to the audio tip and this week it’s more of a motivational
tip if you’re struggling to find some inspiration for a new song download a
new instrument or effect plug-in and then start playing around with it you
may just discover a new riff or idea for a new song I actually get inspiration
from using free or very cheap plugins and gear the idea of using very
inexpensive gear to make music really inspires me for some reason let me know
what inspires you and thank you for checking out this episode of the home
studio show remember you can download the audio podcast from
click up here to see the home studio show playlist or click down here
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episodes of the home studio show please subscribe to the channel also give it a
big thumbs up if you enjoyed this episode for a simple green tech and the
home studio show I’m Zane and we’ll talk soon

Cubase 10.5, Wavesfactory Cassette, Free VST Plugins & More – The Home Studio Show

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