– Hey Google, talk to Kat. (Google Home beeping) – [Google] Hey, what’s up? – What’s my husband wearing? – [Google] A plaid shirt and chinos. – What does my son have to do to get on the nice list this year? – [Google] Listen to your
mom, and do the dishes. – My sister’s here. – [Google] Oh no, not again. (upbeat music) – As you know, I love to use technology to help me manage our busy lives, and help me take care of my family. When we first got Google Home, I was using it for pretty typical things. You know, hey Google, what’s the weather? Then, I found something
really interesting. You can actually program
your own questions and responses into Google Home. (Google Home beeping) You’re going to go ahead and pull up actions, on Google. And go ahead and click on new project. You’re gonna choose conversational. And then, you’re gonna
build your first action. And this will take you to a dialogue flow. And then you’ll click create. Then you go to the intents tab, and you’re gonna click create intent. Now there, you’ll have the opportunity to name your intent. And for this case, I’m gonna choose, tell me something happy. That’s one of my favorites. Then, you’re gonna add your questions in the training phrases section. So, here’s where I’m gonna write tell me something happy. Next, you’re gonna add your responses, or gratitudes, in the response section. That’s how Google knows what to tell you. Hey Google, talk to Kat. (Google Home beeping) – [Google] Hello, how can I help you? – Tell me something happy. – [Google] You have ice
cream in the freezer. (upbeat music) – Follow along for more creative ways on how you can use tech. Bye! – [Google] You look better than ever. (blowing kiss)

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