I think the best thing about computer
science is our ability to actually go into any field that we want to. The need
is huge you know. As we start to expand into artificial intelligence or
cybersecurity or into machine learning or into natural language processing with
things like Alexa, we can really be excited about how our students can get
jobs doing any of those things. So we’re really excited because of this
new offering at Shady Grove. So students are not only gonna be able to take
classes here at Catonsville, but they could take classes you know at our USG
location. We are this honors research university that not only has fantastic cutting-edge research going on that our students can actually take advantage of,
but we also have faculty that are experts in their field. And they’re
really committed to the mission of teaching as well. There are so many
benefits for taking the computer science degree here at UMBC Shady Grove. For one thing, you get all of the resources that are available to you for UMBC. But then
there’s also all these additional resources that are available. We have
smaller classes here, which just lends to this environment that is just fantastic
for learning in. And Shady Grove also offers this fantastic opportunity to
collaborate with students from other institutions, which is a unique
opportunity that only you would find here. You know it’s an exciting field to
be in right now. We’re very excited for the future of all of our computer
science grads.

Computer Science at UMBC
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