everyone has gone so today may be doing a review on he is the
gunnar Optiks %uh classes so its both israel’s PM going to be quite
difficult because you know I’ll be talking to you guys but but but its you know really you have to sign up
for yourself really believe what I’m saying on what I will say that they actually do
work as advertised that’s something I think a lot of people
or other questions about they actually do work all rights so many job probably what’s
your local Best Buy or local electronic retail store and you
saw be sitting there and we went over to Tom you know it’s
it’s trying out new would put him on and you with us CE I you know that just
watch the videos that they had with no at my local Best Buy they add he
set up and the call duty up black ops 2 up playing on
the screen the trailer for and you can go ahead and
nobody’s on must all be but usual arts as you watching that know that is really
really good you know %uh damn but they have set up
basically I just think but Obama everything what street writer or yell depending on the what
type of lens out so well good so you guys that I actually
took a chance because I’ve been needing something to preserve
my eyesight about 20 years a gaming I don’t you know and I didn’t need really
going to hike again and so is generational just cut a normal casual game just play games
when I was bored I on the other you know last generation
with this generation pretty much taking the full focus on that being said
a I know so my eyesight started to
deteriorate ans when I its now I’m to the point where I
don’t need glasses but it’s noticeably worse than the you know
what I had originally ans a the the finding is like it’s not like II see
fine right now but when a looking at for distances and
stuff i knows it’s blurry and it was probably
because you know I’m constantly playing computer games what
you do a PlayStation up doing is right hours at a
time I’m cell phone your DL DS whatever device happenings pretty
much impossible to get away from the screen at this point a so that means that you know all that all that time I actually
started it was that my eyesight was getting kinda were sent him or what said i’ve when
sadat their last year and a Miss by eyesight and I believe
it’s 20 under 40 isn’t great at all it’s like borderline
what you would need for glasses ans you know on a dead person you really
can’t where glasses like actual reading last just
don’t look good in them about sun glasses they look fine in so I was closer to before I didn’t really
care like okay whatever and then I started game or tested the lease and I start doing some research and
outside that hey maybe this is something I should at
least try out so I went out a good pair this particular model is called be
gunner RPG lands a right now these are only
available online a hundred dollars but that the brand new bottle right these
are the brain you up Stadio was that he just came out races
all the RPG a live link in the description that
video so on I will these on and the first couple
days didn’t really notice anything right the
first began by was like fun but not actually been where knees were just about a month a little over a month
now arm I can tell you guys they actually do
work as advertised a really do work now when you first put
these on you can also hold its first ball when you look around the whole thing is
going to happen is yellowish tends to its arm just alibi that yellows ago on-site
whites are going a little bit yellowish and ask I’m gonna bother you our rights
but after trying to 13 especially playing a game I noticed that but at all just one away
it just seems you know who loves me all the whites
look perfectly by all the blacks live perfectly black are so I do live game i play different games not yet charged
series battlefields a even played I know some orel I just
testing out how you know is game we’re performing and know in a few
minutes PC games that are going to nussbaum’s fast movements in anything
like that and also played in the dark with these
that no images I guess is that booo what you know my eyes actually feel
happiness I can tell you guys right now that my eyes no longer gets sorted now they’re no
longer get drier anything like that 8005 but once I’m
done playing games I usually use shut your eyes and that
you just get up burning that burning I don’t feel sensation that
you know of it was just you know you were just her after staying asking for a
long time now we’re playing with these on I don’t ever get that feeling it more
it’s like it’s something the that just went away it’s completely
healed it so you know it’s such a great feeling to
get that pain and not try to set soreness our way intense your eyesight highly
recommend this for any hardcore gamer replying for sixty eight hours that you
know especially if you’re going to be are or you know go to work or home all in this or even if you’re is
playing video games just staying in a suite a long time this is perfect because it really does
reserve your eyesight it’s fun now some cool features it says
it improves %uh contracts all rights all like this said I really I don’t leave me
really paid attention to the caller’s when you first notice that your nose the
yet the whites will be a the yellowish after a thirty minutes
every demonstrates and everything looks normal alright
sharpness lies i said im sharpness in overall
visibility arm kinda nudes I mean I i’m not to say
that once but these on you become a pro anything to play it’s not like that but but definitely I was able to you or
just everything seems much more up David it kinda makes everything kinda popped
out what was it pretty nuts are minor thing that really does but let the
repeater about this arm is that is judy n actually zoom zoom
what you think that’s mean something of a 24 inch Samsung moderate your computer
monitor why put these on I get out 26 to 27
inches up on international diagnosed with aids
and it just looks fantastic actually should get a tape measure and actually
measure this and you know who sent a description but
is rooms in whenever you see on screen it just looks fantastic so definitely I like where he’s because
everything’s just a lot more about just up-close everything’s a lot more better to contrast but I so get sore
anymore miss the great on overall so my overall
recommendation get these glasses they’re definitely
worth a purchase if you’re no singer I say is thank you deteriorate or just
not being as good as it should are if it ever snow has a class just
normal these are prescription compatible you
can buy any classes n have remote your doctor and make sure
you can fill a prescription to get these classes so basically you know I was wearing a being losses or
whatever I can still get the same perscription up in these last seen at
the same feel seats up just like that so that’s pretty
cool and its people who was that they have a story behind this they actually it is actually made by I
think the father of this family %uh work with his lens company and his
son was really into video games and that no dad and mother got together
and decided to do great bike that would preserve their sons I decided so great
products by his glasses I really do think they’re worth it and don’t mistake you know the first thirty seconds and then when you put
them on for what they really are lead to get used to it and now they’re forced at
the eight whenever whenever a game I usually just put a lot so integrate
grasses big brass is there rate classes I’ll
definitely go getta and that however inman’s there’s been it
worked as advertised which is that where the state I but sell a really bad link in description miles I
had on and is Devin miles depending on what job
you have 14 people just keep you working people who just a game right eso see you guys later and a every

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