Coming out of a bachelor’s degree with computer engineering, you’re open to a lot of avenues. You have software support, system support, hardware-type support You have your traditional programming, software development, software design, that that’s a very good background for. There is a difference between a research-focused school versus one that really has a strong undergraduate program with more realistic class sizes, more access to professors, greater access to undergraduate labs. Having an opportunity to do undergraduate research is an important aspect of launching people into a great career. Talk to your teachers about research. You want to do some research while you’re here. Don’t be afraid to get out there, go to meetings, talk to people, find out what’s going on. Just get out there, find what you’re passionate about and find what you really want to do and then here they can make that work The students coming out of computer engineering here have very strong skills Because our curriculum has been completely overhauled When Dr. Andrews decided to come here, he came with something very modern New ideas and so on, what is being done in other parts of the competitive world like MIT, like Stanford, so our curriculum is not really far from that. They really do want to see us succeed and graduate and go on to do great things You have to continuously learn about what’s new out there, and what’s different When you leave this classroom, it’s not the end of learning, it’s just really the beginning.

Computer Engineering
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