Hello, friends, you are watching Tech engine and I am Pankaj Borah Your host presents you Php videos series. In this series, we will about PHP programming language, what is PHP and how we can use it for web development. Friends before moving on to our discussion on PHP, I would like to discuss some ideas with you. The idea is about web development. When the internet was in its initial stages, it was simple and as you can guess, web pages at that time were simple and were only developed using mere HTML only but as the internet grew along with time itself it evolved into a sophisticated piece of technology. Now the web pages were also becoming more complex and require some addition technologies In order to cope with this new technologies were developed like CSS, JavaScript, and PHP etc. which enhance the functionality of web pages. Friends all these languages you are seeing on the left side of your screen are very simple to learn, and I’m planning to make videos on these topics too in near future, but the most common problem students face even after learning this language through online tuts , books etc. The root cause of this basic problem is, many of us fail to understand the basis use and purpose of these languages. because of which we are unable to use them we required and are confused when to use what in situation and cannot develop a product. Addressing to this problem I would like to explain to you guys using an example. Let us suppose we want to create a web page similar to the one shown on the right of your screen. Suppose we are making a web page where a user can post some content and it will be visible to other users, we are also going to include a contact form so that users can contact the web page owner. Friends like every other post, this post also have a title, a paragraph, and some addition table and a contact form having two text fields and one button is also included at the end. Friends, as you can see all web element from top to bottom, are created using HTML. Thus HTML provides a web page with its structure and arrangement and acts like a skeleton of the page After constructing the structure suppose we want to style this web page as because without it the web page will look boring and unattractive. And so do this we use CSS (cascaded style sheet) like we have done with the table on the page. We have provided a blue color to the head of the table and a light blue to its first row and now it look better than before Friend the third point is about JavaScript, friends many a time it may happens to you that you want to add a a functionality like when a user clicks on a button some action happens like some content of site changes or some action happens This type of functionality is achieved using JavaScript like in this example whenever we click this button a popover is displayed The 4th point is about PHP, it is required whenever some type of data processing is required to be performed on our webpage, , like in this case as the user submits contact form, his email and name is sent to a PHP script on the server which then processes the information say validating the name and email of the user. All this type of functions are handled using PHP. The last but not the least is MySQL Friend most of the time is required that our website has database functionality too, to store and retrieve Like here after the user submits the name and email it is then stored in the database using SQL (structured query language). Friend from all this I think you might have roughly guess what I want you to understand about the use of every language in web development Moving forward, let’s discuss about php. Php is an acronym and stands for php hypertext preprocessor, Friends initially php stood for “personal homepage” so it’s now replace while maintaining the initial acronym, so basically it’s an acronym inside another acronym. Php is a server side scripting language developed primarily for web development. unlike other language like HTML, JavaScript it doesn’t runs on web browser, infact it runs on web server and only the out is displayed in browser. Friend let know why we should use php and how to use it. As I have already told you that php is a very easy language to learn and it’s more or like kinda C language from syntax point of view. Php can also be embedded within html as we can see from the example below. Friends is also going to be very useful if you want to create dynamics web pages, by dynamic I mean webpage say for example Facebook, whose content changes depending on who the user is, as every user will have their unique and different data, like name, profile post etc. which change based on user One more thing about php is that, it provide us a very easy interfacing as compared to other languages with database like MySQL with our website. The fifth point is that, php community and market share is huge most of the website in internet are written in php even the big guys like facebook, yahoo are written in php And as the community is large we can get support over the internet while we learn it, making it the obvious choice to develop a product using it Let’s move on, friend as this video is the first video of this series I want to remind some important point to remember before learning php. First is that every php code starts with an opening php tag which is. In between these tags we write our code which are basically statements or instructions This tags are must as without this there is no way for the php interpreter to know whether the code is php or regular text. php instruction are in the form of statements separated by semicolon; The second point to remember is that every php code runs webserver and only the result of the code execution is returned and displayed in web browser. To explains let’s focus on the diagram below Whenever a user visits a website and request a php file. This request is received by the webserver and the webserver finds the file and pass it to the php interpreter. The interpreter than reads the php file and based on the instructions in the file outputs a result which is then passed on to the webserver from where it is delivered to the user’s browser as HTML output and displayed. Friend is basically how it works. This is the end of this tutorial, and see u in the next video If you like this video then hit like or if you have not subscribe to our channel subscribe it and stay tuned for more videos like these, Thank you

Coding in php (HINDI) – 1. Introduction to php.

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