A common question is “Why do I need VPN
if I already have antivirus?” Well, both VPN and antivirus give you protection,
but in different ways. Let’s put it like this. You live happily in your house. Every morning, you drive to work. Imagine that your home is your computer, while the road to work is your connection to the internet. Antivirus protects your computer from malware
and viruses just like a super secure door lock or a security alarm system protects your
house. It all changes when you leave your house and
drive to work. Roads can be dangerous. Just like an open connection to the internet
that makes you vulnerable to cyber threats. Here’s where VPN steps in. VPN creates a secure path for you to get to
your online destination without any unpleasant incidents. With VPN, you can enjoy peace of mind every
time you access the internet. While traveling between you and the website,
your sensitive data is safe from snooping, hacking and other cyber threats lurking on
the roadside. VPN encryption closes off numerous ways for
potential hackers to slip malware into your device. With NordVPN, you’ll also get CyberSec,
a built-in feature that flags malicious websites before they have a chance to infect your computer
or mobile. But it doesn’t mean that antivirus isn’t
important. For comprehensive security, you should use
both VPN and a premium antivirus software to protect your devices and your identity
online. To learn more about VPN and online security,
subscribe to the NordVPN Youtube channel!

Choosing VPN or Antivirus | NordVPN
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2 thoughts on “Choosing VPN or Antivirus | NordVPN

  • March 12, 2020 at 11:06 am

    But…But I use Linux.

  • March 12, 2020 at 1:44 pm

    Which Internet Security Software Does Nord Recommend? Love the ease of the NORDvpn App! Member for 4 Years Now Without any real Problems! Thank You For Keeping File Sharing Alive! Need the App for Linux!


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