Hey, all. Jeff here. I just got a press release that I thought
was too good not to share with you guys in person. CEPA’s 2020 partner, Hargray Communications,
who we love and is supporting us through this strange time, is launching some special programs
to help students who aren’t in school right now, including 60 days of free Internet service
as well as speed increases and packages at discounted rates for its current customers. Now this is exactly what makes us proud to
partner with this company. Many of us have become homeschool teachers
all of a sudden and the Internet is full of resources that can help with that because
well let’s face it some of us are just better equipped than others. Hey. We’re going outside. (Screaming). I’m just going to give her a quick haircut. There you go. You figure it out. So, check out hargray.com/freeinternet for
more or call them at 877-427-4729 to find out some more about the discounted packages
and the free services. You can also visit pellcitycepa.com/hargray
for the full release. Finally CEPA is rolling out some fun stuff
over the next couple weeks, so please sign up for our email and follow us on Facebook
and Instagram. We don’t want you to miss out. You guys stay safe out there, we’ll see you

CEPA Partner Hargray Announces Free Internet
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