I chose Augusta University because of
the fact that they had computer science major and that’s something I wanted to
do. It’s like a home to me. Growing up I was a gamer and I
basically still am a gamer so I really appreciate gaming and stuff. So it’s also
a chance to get to learn how to make the game itself. It started in my first
computer programming class that took. I really enjoyed that and also just
seeing other people play it. You know, it’s good to say like ‘I participate in
making that game or making that code.’ It’s really helpful whenever I code
or whenever I work on a project maybe I talk to a friend and say ‘hey
it’s this really cool or do you suggest anything?’ I’m trying to work on
this the best I can. It’s always good to have somebody fresh
that doesn’t see the same thing and everybody sees the world differently and
that’s really good to have because there’s gonna be mistakes that you probably can’t see but they will see and tell you. The faculty is just
amazing, for real. I have a good relationship with most of them. They’re
really helpful. They really explain a lot when I was going into my first
computer science courses. One thing that really impacted me was probably being
called back as a technical counselor in the Gen Cyber Program at Augusta
University. Being able to come back and just seeing like both sides of the window,
both sides as a counselor and a student, it was really really interesting
and I really had fun with it. One of my other activities is actually
I’m enrolled in the Augusta University Wind Ensemble and the Augusta University
Jaguar pep band. It is kind of like using both sides of my brain. It’s always
good to do something else that you enjoy. Being Boundless means working your
challenging areas. I do have some challenging areas and when I first
started coding but I tried to learn that and I try to refresh myself. I
know it’s gonna be challenging so you might as start on the challenging things rather than just waiting until you need

Be Boundless: Justin, Computer Science Student

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