Hi Viewer’s How are you…. Hope u will be fine and good. Today i have make a video which u follow and watch you will be become expert of computer / Laptop This video about Computer Tips and Tricks All Computer Hidden Tips and Tricks u will learn here at Shah computer works Before start a video im Requesting to Subscribe & like my video to get more new videos and gain more knowledge lets do Shutdown short cut simply way to press alt+F4 for shutdown or restart pc Right click on Desktop click new click shortcut it will appear in desktop then put the code which is in the description %windir%System32SlideToShutDown.exe Give name to the shortcut as u want… shutdown if you would like to change shortcut icon so right click on the shortcut click proprieties click on change icon select icon which u like. apply it…. its changed!! if i wanna shutdown the pc so click on shutdown slide down it will shutdown and press up it will cancel Tips:- 2 How to give time to computer to auto shutdown after a few minute or hours. Mostly people left pc turn on for whole night so its wasting the electric and danger so lets do how to shutdown after 1 hours lets start shortcut Right click on desktop new shortcut
type shutdown -s-t 3600 (3600 second=1 hour) after 1 hour it will auto shutdown if u want to give name to this shortcut time shortcut if u want to cancel auto shutdown time so in Run type shutdown -a ( it will cancel the shutdown time) Tips : 3 shortcut of any program like ms word, excel, media player internet ….. open with keyboard shortcut Right click on any program shortcut come to properties come to shortcut tab select short key from keyboard like alt+ctrl+e ( ie… it will open excel program or other as u selected mention in the short key for example i have selected excel program for alt +ctrl +e so on the desktop or any where u in computer and press the key it will open excel program. you can do such as for other program like ms world etc… it will save the time and you will be looks expert. for example 2 i have selected google chrome so i have select key for chrome alt+ctrl+c ( it will open google chrome ) apply it and ok if you want to change icon or any shortcut program same method right click properties shortcut tab change icon select icon u like. change icon to save your program from other people bcz some one has know about the icon shape Next tips: how to fast your Computer type in Run %TEMP% when enter all temp file will be shown. we not need of these file …delete all its will give free space and fast your pc type in run TEMP delete these file ctrl +a select all Dell also its temp file which came from installation of any software. it will give free space and fast ur pc For fast your computer speed and for low Ram what to do Right click on my computer proprieties advance system setting click advance then performance adjust for best performance when u apply it will increase the laptop battery backup and speed up for windows when u apply these all tips you will feel by self relax amazing tips and you will be enjoying your pc .. it will looks faster than before….. Tips for how to fast your internet speed why our netspeed is slow reason? lets do this tricks when u connected to the internet so windows automatically downloading updates file or application. there fore net goes to slow turn off windows update by change setting un check install update automatically you C: drive will be loaded if you run on install recommended …. select never check for update not recommended is best for low computer or laptop . after this you will look to your pc speed and internet speed will be faster if you facing any problem in my video you cant comments bellow i will try my best to give best answer. Thanks for watching Like and Subscribe

Amazing Computer Tips and Tricks | Tips to become Expert | Pashto

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