Cyberbullying is no joke! Kids who fall victim
to cyberbullying are more likely to: • Abuse alcohol and drugs
• Not attend school • Receive poor grades
• And have lower self-esteem and health problems
Here are 8 quick tips to help keep your kids safe on social media:
1. Wait until your kids are 13 before allowing them to set up a Facebook page. According
to Facebook’s policy, kids younger than 13 years old aren’t permitted to use the social
network. While there’s no way for Facebook to enforce it, parents can do so by not allowing
their kids to sign up until they’re 13. 2. Configure Settings for Privacy. Facebook
offers plenty of privacy settings, so be sure to set them to the strictest levels. This
detailed article will help you protect your privacy.
3. Establish Ground Rules. If your children are old enough to use a computer on their
own, then they’re old enough to understand and follow a few ground rules. Openly discuss
the rules with your kids and talk with them to reach a mutual agreement. If they break
them, enforce the consequences. 4. Know who your children’s friends are.
You don’t have to spy on your children and invade their privacy to get to know them.
Take time to find out which websites your children frequent and who their friends are
at school. Their real-world friends and Facebook friends should match.
5. Coach kids to avoid gimmicks. Whether it’s questionnaires, contests, or free giveaways,
tell your kids to stay away from these scams and schemes – even if they think they can
win. 6. Review photos your kids post. Ideally,
your kids shouldn’t post any pictures of themselves online. Realistically, though, you should
at least know which ones they’re putting online and refrain from posting any that have identifiable
information in the background. 7. Lead by example. If you’re spending every
free moment checking your Facebook account, you’re setting a poor example of how your
children should use social media. Remember to ask yourself if you’re setting a good example
and demonstrating appropriate technology etiquette. 8. Teach kids about reputation and permanence.
Most children don’t understand the permanence of the online world and the importance of
maintaining a positive image. What they post today could affect them in the future when
they’re applying for college or a job.

8 Steps To Internet Safety for Kids
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