Hello, may I briefly disturb you? I study Communication science and do study about the topic “How young people use the internet May I ask you a few questions? Yeah, why not? Where are you from? I’m a Turk I was born in Austria. My Parents are originally from Antalya. Do you have internet at home? Yes, of course. How many times a week are you on the Internet? So, actually every day. And what are you doing on the Internet? a lot of things. For example see photos of friends. and where ? For example on facebook. Ah, yes, Are you very active there? What do you do still there? Yes, I use it very often. Especially for all Chat. And in which language do you write then? In German and in Turkish – depending on case .But more in German is that all you do on the internet? What do you still need the internet for? The internet is important for me so that I can Contact with friends and family in the Turkey. I rarely see them. I write to my cousins ​​emails when I have something important to tell them. How do you actually find out about current topics? Do you also use the internet for this? I’m a little old-fashioned – I prefer to read the daily newspaper or inform me about the news on TV. Only if something special happened, I’m looking in Internet for information, but that doesn’t actually come so many times before. Then online newspapers are not an issueto you? No, frankly, I just don’t like that.I love to sit in my kitchen, drink tea and read the newspaper. Well, that looks really cozy. So then Thanks for the information. Hello, may I briefly disturb you? I have a few questions about “How young people using the Internet? Okay. I have anyway to wait my bus. Where are you from? I am from Australia. Do you have internet at home? Yeah sure. I’m actually always online. So 24 hours? Yeah, it happens that I’m too at night on the internet, after all, I want to join chatting with my parents in Australia Besides I get a lot of emails a day. which i likeI always answer it as soon as possible, if possible that, at the same day. Can you do it? Yeah, mostly I see you’re really active on the Internet. And then you will certainly only know information through the Internet, right? I still have a few books left at home, but actually I do everything on the Internet. There you can find everything, no matter if this gossip or factual information Clear. You probably have a FacebookProfile? No, even if i want to be on kontakt with my Friends – but i don’t need Facebook for that. That is too uncertain for me and I think social networks just not that interesting. Iprefer to write emails. Aha, that’s unusual. Oh, there comes your bus! Thanks for having time.bye gladly! bye

2 Dialoge über ( wie Nutzen junge Menschen das Internet ) B1 in Alltag und Beruf
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