Hey what’s up everybody and welcome
back to gal! In this video I’m showing you all of these cool free transitions
that you can use so all of those transitions you saw in the opening are
completely free and you can download them using my link in the description.
They come from a resource called Mixkit and there’s no caveats you can use them
for commercial and personal projects it’s super cool you know Mixkit also
has lots of other really cool resources not just transitions you can use their
music for your video you can use stock video they also have title templates so
there’s so much more that you can use so it’s great if you need some graphic
templates to use or some music to use for free without having to worry about
copyright issues it’s the resource to go to. In this video I’m basically going to
show you guys how to install them so you can use them in your existing edits as
well as how to import the mogrt files so there’s two different types I’m going
to cover in the video and I hope you guys find it useful so without further
ado let’s go ahead and jump on it alright so before I show you how to use
the transitions please be sure to download this project file that includes
these folders with the stock video and the sequences where I’m going to
demonstrate the twist transition the bokeh transition and the slides
transition so if you’re inside the project after you’ve downloaded just
double click on the twist sequence so you see these two stock video shots from
mixkit and what we’re going to do is apply the twist transition first which
you can get on mix kit and download the template for free so once you download
the twist transition from a mixkit and you unzip the file is going to be in a
folder called mixkit – twist – transition – 203 and inside of that
you’ll see a project file now you can open up this project file on its own but
more often than not you’re going to want to take this project file and import it
into an existing one so first let’s go back to the project panel here and let’s
create a new folder called transitions to go back to finder and let’s drag and
drop this mix kit file into transitions and then from this new dialog you’re
going to want to make sure to import the entire project and have a check next to
create a folder for imported items and allow importing duplicate media and then
hit ok so now we have this new dialog that’s an error message saying missing
media for these clips so what we need to do is tell Premiere Pro that now these
assets exist on your hard drive so we need to find where you saved the
transition so to do that you’re just going to hit locate and then what I’m
going to do is find the hard drive so I have the Samsung t5 I’m going to go into
my mix kit project inside here I have saved the transition the twist I’m going
to open up this folder and now I need to go to the assets because if you look at
the last path it was located underneath the assets folder right here so let’s go
into assets and let’s find the 1920 by 1080 jpg which is missing so we’re gonna
select that jpg and then it’s going to locate the other missing file because
there’s a 6 5 4 – 1080 in the same folder so let’s hit OK and then it’s
gonna locate all the media now that it is done usually I like to go in here and
rename this folder to twist so I remember that that’s that transition and
you can move this column over so you can see that better the next step is to
double click to open this up in its own bin and from here I actually like to
change it to the icon view and if you move this slider over you can actually
make it bigger and you can preview what the transition looks like so if we
double click to open up this transition you can see it’s its own sequence so the
stock video is on video layer 1 and these adjustment layers here and here
are the transitions now what we can do is we can just lasso and select this
transition and hit command C on a Mac or ctrl C on a PC to copy it and then going
back to our sequence with our two video clips we can go in here and we can paste
it but before we paste it we want it to paste starting on video layer 2, V2, so
make sure that this is not selected on V 1 and that it’s selected on V 2
go ahead and hit command V and now you can see it pasted on video layer 2 now
all we need to do is line up this edit point here with this edit point on video
layer one so make sure that the snap tool is enabled
make sure it’s blue and then lasso and select this and just move it over until
it snaps to the Edit point and now we have our twist transition now let’s go
ahead and move on to the bokeh transition so I have these two video
clips here from mixkit and I want to add a bokeh transition between them so
let’s go back to the project and let’s go back to our finder and I’ve already
downloaded the subtle bokeh transition from mixkit so from here let’s take
this project file which contains the bokeh transition and drag and drop it
into the transition bins folder and once again hit OK and it’s going to import
and try to locate the media and once again we have to redirect the file path
to our computer and find these three missing assets so click on locate and
then I’m going to go back inside of my mixkit folder from the Samsung so I’m
going to go back to my hard drive go back to mixkit go to transitions inside
a subtle bokeh go inside of the assets folder and I need to tell Premiere Pro
that they now exist here so the first one that is missing is the 2092 – 1080
so let’s go ahead and hit OK and it should locate all of the media so now
we’re good to go and again let’s just go ahead and rename this bokeh just like
that and we can double click to open it up and double click to open up this
folder and let’s go ahead and switch to the icon view and make this a little bit
bigger so we can preview what it looks like and there we go that’s the bokeh
transition and if we double click to open it up you can see that the stock
video is on video layer 1 and the transition files the bokeh effects are
these two video clips and an adjustment layer so rather than copying these
adjustment layers in the video and pasting it on our bokeh sequence instead
what we can do is drag and drop it from the project panel itself so let’s go
ahead and close this transition and what we want to do right now is make
sure that the source patching is turned on for all of them so if this is turned
on blue just be sure to make sure that it’s turned off and then we can just
click on video layer one to disable video layer one because we do not want
the stock video to carry over so now it will just take in video layer two video
layer three and video layer four from this sequence transition so now we can
click and drag it over and you can see that these adjustment layers from the
sequence only carry it over not the stock video which is in the sequence but
now this is a little bit different than the twist instead we need to line up
this red marker with this edit point so again make sure that your snap tool is
on and let’s lasso and select them and it should automatically detect that
marker and bring it in between so now when we play this back you can now see
the transition in effect so that is the first two transitions now let’s go on to
the slides transition now rather than dragging and dropping it is actually a
mogrt file so if you go into finder you can go to the slides transition and
you can see the preview of how it looks like the stripes going across the frame
but instead it’s a mogrt file so what we need to do is go into Premiere Pro go
up to window then go to essential graphics and from here we can actually
go down to the bottom and we can click on install motion graphics template and
let’s go ahead and select the mixkit slides transition hit open and now it
will just take a second to load on up and it should appear at the very top of
your essential graphics panel and there it is and to apply it just click and drag
and drop it into your timeline now if you select it over here from central
graphics under edit we can now adjust the colors to anything that you want so
you can make it match your brand colors so I can make this a darker purple color
like so and I can make this white and if I want to change this pink to this
purple color I can just select this dropper and select this color and if I
wanted to make this blue a different color I’ll go ahead and make that a light purple and now it’s adjusted let me just
bring this down so it’s a little bit bigger in frame and then we could play
it back to see how it looks so it’s looking okay but let’s go ahead and
speed it up now if we select this there’s no controls for speed from the
Edit tab but you can use the rate stretch tool so if you hit R on your
keyboard it enables this rate stretch tool so you can click and push this in
to speed it up now if I zoom into the timeline here you can see that it’s at a
hundred and fifty six percent speed if we go back to the selection tool and
control click on this layer we can go to speed and duration and from here we can
actually manually type in a speed so if we want it to be 200%
we can type that in and it’s adjusted in the timeline and then we can move this
to be centered again between the two clips and we can play it back to see how
it looks that’s it for the tutorial and I hope that you guys use these
transitions because they’re free and they’re pretty freaking cool too
and thank you mixkit for letting me know about this resource so I could
share with you guys and for sponsoring this video super cool of them to support
the channel in the community and you guys who are learning and creating every
day so that’s it for this video and be sure to give it a thumbs up and also
leave a comment below and let me know what you guys want to learn next that’s
it, bye!

100 FREE Smooth Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro

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