Hey Guys, it’s Carolyn with Fantastic Facts—and
these are 10 of the creepiest and downright frightening websites on the intent. Prepare
yourself and get ready to be pretty creeped out as we explore some of the weirder spots
on the web. NUMBER ONE:: When Could You Die?
We’re all familiar with apps and sites that feature a fun little, ‘When Will I die?’
calculator, but this website goes in a much more sinister direction—which in exchange
for some private personal info, the site presents you with an eerie, ‘supposed’ death date.
This date, typically years before a date given by a normal, ‘When Will I Die?’ calculator,
factors in hereditary info and lifestyle habits when leaving you with a bleak outlook for
the rest of your day. NUMBER TWO : Souvenirs of Sadness
This website catalogs transcripts, air traffic control and cockpit recordings of plane crashes.
If death scares you in any way—don’t go anywhere near this site. Why someone would
want to catalog this—we haven’t the slightest idea. NUMBER THREE : Saving Yourself for The Lord
From horrifying to just plain weird, this site adds a whole new meaning to the idea
of a religious bust, selling all sorts of bible themed sex toys. We’ll admit, points
of creativity—but we also think God and his brethren wouldn’t take kindly to this
use of their image. NUMBER FOUR : Defecation Ratings
That’s about as P.C. as we can make it. Rate my poo dot com allows you to create a
profile where you can upload pictures of your, um, bowel movements and have people rate them.
What’s more is people get creative with their photos. That’s about all we can say
without getting sick. Not for the faint of heart! NUMBER FIVE : Suicide Statistics
Raking up there with the likes of plane crash record collecting, this site catalogs the
number of people who commit suicide on Skyway Bridge in Florida. The bridge ranks number
four in the US for ‘most suicides’—and if you want, you can watch a lot of them.
Come on — Put up a net! NUMBER SIX : Conspiracy Theories with Credibility
Most conspiracy theories can be washed away with a modicum of skepticism—but how easily
can you wave off a conspiracy if it’s backed by a professor from Oxford? This site is dedicated
to the theory that we are all already living in a computer simulation. It’s…honestly…a
little convincing. Don’t go here if you want to go to be tonight without wrapping
foil around your head. NUMBER SEVEN]: Scary Stories
This site contains a bevy of horror stories that will leave you clutches your covers if
you stay on the site too long. The site can claim the birth of Slenderman, BEN the haunted
game cartridge and many others. We’re warning you, though, stay away from The Grifter! It’s
terrifying. NUMBER EIGHT : Internet Purgatory
Ever wonder what it would be like to sit in a waiting room for an eternity? Zombo dot
com was created to deliver just that. The website starts with a loading for a page that
never arrives. What’s even creepier is that an ominous voice and endless elevator music
prods at your forever and ever and ever. Legend has it that if you stay on the website long
enough, you get sucked in. NUMBER NINE: Last Words
If you survived the plane crash and suicide catalogs, this one might just take you to
the limit. A government state site in Texas has transcripts of the final words of inmates
headed to death row. A look inside the psyche of people confronting their mortality is chilling—and
often very sad. What’s crazy is that this site is still very active, with some of the
transcripts coming from recent executions. NUMBER TEN : Science Fiction Meets Science
Crazy Some people just need an elaborate explanation
for the state of the world. This site outlines the escape of humanity when the all too close
apocalypse finally hits. The site states that those who believe will have their fourth heart
chakra opened and enter a higher dimension and live beside a reptilian-robotic race…Or
maybe we become robots…it’s very confusing. Have a look for yourself! If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget
to subscribe. Know of a ridiculous, crazy, or creepy website we missed? Let us know in
the comments. Curious about the websites mentioned in this video, check the description below
for links. I’m Carolyn, and this has been Fantastic Facts. See you next time—and remember
to keep laughing and learning!

10 CREEPIEST and SCARIEST Websites on the Internet
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