alsalam ealaykum warahmat allah wabarakatuh Today, bi’iidhn alrahmin We will download Localhost and also we will download editor which we use it search for appserv click appserv download directly of course there are more localhost for example appserv and also Xampp also download page directly appserv or xampp as you like but I actually hope we use Xampp from here we will select php version last version is 7 whatever which sub version 0.33 , 1, 2 or 3 we will download last version 7.3.0 waiting download finish doesn’t take a long time in same time we will search about the editor we will use it any editor you like whatever you will use PHPStorm which I use it now or you will use dreamweaver which from adobe or any other editor you like or you think it’ll be easy to use with you Now I’m downloading PHPStorm first one appear in search results Download when downloading start, I’ll pause recording till
download finish here he will ask about cookies (Yes) or (No) about use cookies
of course we accept no choice Downloading start if you want add your information and subscribe
do it If you don’t want it as you like I’ll wait the both downloading by the way , why PHPStorm better more than Dreamweaver or others why I choose PHPStorm ? Because it’s include more features which
make it easy to Codes writing or plugins and more which make your coding easy Easy in more and more things like auto-complete when you write first letter of function you want use it when select function PHPStorm will display more
explained about it No need to write full code and more we will see it together when start coding inshallah
and Xampp because you can download more models like WordPress or any models you will chose i’ll pause recording till finish and continue recording Download finished i’ll start install them xampp
Yes it’s bitnami welcome it warn me that it’ll be under 32 bit not 64 bit I’ll leave it install all
Next It’s the folder which contain the xampp If you need change it, as you like
But I prefer leave it there it’s bitnami if you want install any other models to your localhost any model of this models WordPress , Jomla ,, and more Download which you like it
or which you want develop it Next Leave it to Finish
after that we will start PHPStorm installing now, Asking for access to network to be available in all network types
not blocked , Allow Allow Access Finish We will select the language
Of course I’ll select English If there anyone excellent in Germany , it’s ok now we will click Config at auto-start we will check Apache and MySQL the rest , i don’t need theme and check Start control Panel minimized then Save Now, start Apache and start MySQL asking for access to networks i’ll accept allow access
now the both is available and running We connect to our localhost by Localhost opened or from start i’ll write
localhost the both will go to same page I prefer “localhost ” but if you want use IPAddress use “” now it’s PHP info displaying all information and which framework installed and from here we get PHPmyadmin to
display and more with MySQL MySQL Databases now we will start install PHPStorm Run Yes Next it’ll install in C:Program Files C:Program FilesJetBrainsPhpStorm2018.3.2 2018.3.2 it’s our version Next then asking about Desktop shortcut type I;ll use 64bit Nothing else but check (.php) to make PHPStorm the default to all php files leave others Next
Install Finished
check Run PHPStorm Finsih
it’ll run at first use, asking if you need to import or not we select don’t import OK Accept the agreement Don’t send Skip
I don’t want to add anything right now I leave it as default Skip
start directly I’ll chose Evaluate by free PHPStorm starting Welcome Screen almost like android studio Create new Project the select the project folder we installed xampp at C then select htdocs htdocs and create new folder named “hello” for example OK OK Create Tips of day
Close right click on hello folder i’ll create new file new->PHPFile file name: index OK created auto adding information like user and date now first code to display hello echo “hello “; to display that at browser to check if it done write in address bar (localhost) then (/) and the name of folder we created (hello) now we installed Xampp and PHPStorm to use it as php editor we can do it to finish all installing right click Show
click Config select editor browse it we installed at C then Program Files JetBrainsPhpStorm 2018.3.2 bin/phpstorm64 Open it’s Done we ready to start from features at PHPStorm
no need to save it just you write and save it directly auto save is always run as you see there at next time we will start develop (hello) if any one have an idea please send it to our mail or leave it on comment alsalam ealaykum warahmat allah wabarakatuh

علم نفسك – PHP – تحميل السيرفر الشخصي وايديتور بي اتش بي ستورم
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