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I sent a rocket to Dune in order to pick up
scientist’s carbonaut. He has come a long way
reached the polar cap of kerbin and this is the final part
this long mission. I took the space target
station in orbit Dunes. The first goal was to go out
into orbit Dunes and dock with the station. Kerbonauts last time
looked behind the empty, snowy dune mountains and was launched
countdown to launch … After take-off, were removed
landing racks … Rover Kerbonauts remains
on dune maybe he still useful to other kerbonauts … Far away is the last
flag set by Anton Kerman … Stage motors turned off
and it remained to reach the apocenter 72 thousand meters, and already
after reaching stable orbit. After long trips to
you start more rover appreciate such flights here. The same flag left
as a scientist the rover on which it was done
all the way at 14 o’clock to the polar Dune caps, and the start of the route
go somewhere for horizon. Reaching the apocenter, I
reached a stable, intermediate orbit and then to
align the inclination of the orbit regarding the goal and go out
to the station’s orbit for docking with her … A bit about the space station. There was fuel on board
as well as a science laboratory with two Kerbonauts. At first I wanted to expand it
and add more modules, but later changed his mind. Soon, flights to
Eve will not be up to this station, especially at her
there were no antennas and repeaters, which means I could not at all
transfer mined scientific data on Kerbin. After space maneuver
the station was at 16 kilometers from me and I started
rapprochement. Reaching the station at
30 meters away I turned on DCS engines and started the process
docking. I have a stock of monofuel
was also limited therefore until the last used
marching engines what would be as close as possible
to the goal. Finally the carboneauts came together
they could shake hands and mark the reunion. Now they had a long
the way home to their native planet Kerbin. But I still had to decide
which tank to dump. This design was
not symmetrical and at 100% traction gyrodins would hardly
managed, the rocket went down would be off course. I decided to dump the tank from
lander, his the engines are very heavy
gluttonous and were installed for convenience only
when landing the module. And moving all the fuel
into the main tank, the step was undocked. Maneuver Planner showed me the nearest
window of departure from the Dune. Maneuver was planned
after 1 year and 65 days on his execution required
873 Delta-V, but it was available to me 1084 and I was afraid that fuel
not enough for braking that would remain in the zone of attraction
Kerbina. Once in the zone of attraction
Kerbina, I’m very lucky since my trajectory
traffic intersected with him and probably having heat
large diameter shields and parachutes I could try
to land. But none of this is mine
was not and it was necessary to slow down about the atmosphere. I had a limited
fuel supply now the main thing is to stay in
Kerbin attraction zone, and only then think how to save
kerbonavtov from orbit … Apocenter took place at 61
thousands of meters above the surface but at such a high speed
this height was enough to improvised
solar panels started explode due to high
temperature. The station went beyond the pericenter
and climb started the speed was so
high in the attraction zone Kerbina rocket would not stay
had to turn on the engines for braking. Staying in the zone of attraction
Kerbin had to do a few more turns slowing down
about his atmosphere and then engine start
return the station to stable orbit. To Kerbonauts in no case
you cannot go out of orbit the station is not equipped
parachutes … Leaving the apocenter at 3,000 kilometers,
I turned on the engines and the rocket reached a stable elliptical
the orbit around Kerbin. Despite the damage
solar panels are still functioned properly. Now the Kerbonauts had to
wait for help, but time on kerbin for
they have already been constructed new rocket. Under the fairing of a new rocket
parachutes were installed in the amount of 6 pieces. They will be docked
to free docking ports at the station and at
descent from orbit will be activated for a trouble-free landing. Also with parachutes
antennas are installed for science transfer and the remaining
the fuel in the stage will be used for gathering
from orbit. Entering a stable orbit
I dropped the fairing, changed inclination of the orbit, and then began
rapprochement with the station … At a distance of 3.5 kilometers
using a marching engine I started moving to the station
for docking … Transferring fuel to the main ones
space station tanks I started to place parachutes
and after the step with the tank and the engine was reset … Due to the docking, the rocket moves
and being on critical low orbit for this you need
follow, as now, the apocenter It was already 69 kilometers. Now with antennas
I could transfer the first batch science. I had enough battery capacity
and it turned out to transfer to Kerbin first 500 units
science. Next, speeding up the time of the Kerbonauts
continued their research. Typing another 500 scientific units
I tried to transfer the data, but this time I didn’t have enough
electricity i tried again and again not enough
battery capacity and now it was definitely
it’s time to return the kebonauts home to kerbin. I changed the apocenter to 55
kilometers I needed brake on the atmosphere
but again without leaving orbit. On board the station was still
a lot of science that you can It was to explore and increase,
and landing on the dark side Kerbina far from the center
flight control or landing on water would reduce
all efforts to extract science to no. Having made 4 turns around the kerbin
I returned to stable orbit and waited for the moment
fly over control center departures from orbit
in this moment. Entering the upper atmosphere
active phase started braking, I have almost
there was no fuel for braking and the tank had to be dumped,
since he had a big weight and efficiency with it
braking about the atmosphere falling … Using up all the fuel
I dumped a tank that rushed down and the station started uncontrollably
rotate solar panels and other structural elements
heated up and started to explode … At 13,000 meters managed to reset
speed due to this design it was not a problem but
without braking would mean about the atmosphere it all ended
would be an explosion … At 5000 thousands revealed
parachute and then off the surface turned around and everyone else … The station lay on its side like
and it was conceived speed the descent was 5 meters per second
which excluded any explosions or destruction during
touching the surface. After landing Anton Kerman
set the flag and now Kerbonauts have to wait
help … In the center of the Kerbonauts I
hired two learned kerbala for this plane, calculated
on the fact that every scientific the laboratory will work
and produce science but I will say in advance to do so
Did not work out. The plane was launched from
rocket launch pad, since I have an airfield
and center horizontal assembly is still the first
level. By turning on autopilot, I quickly
got to the goal and landed near her … Expanding the arm of the manipulator
I docked to the station powered her from the plane
and another 500 units of scientific it turned out to send data … It seems like less science
stays, the worse it is investigated, speeding up time I managed
transfer another 54 units scientific data. Then the Kerbonauts left
station and transferred to the plane, who delivered them to the MCC. Landed near the hangar
I accelerated the time, perhaps I will not show it to you
with such acceleration can and epilepsy will happen … Having studied all the scientific data
in the laboratory I did a total of 4015 science which
I will spend on learning new details for the next walkthroughs.

Возвращение с Дюны в Kerbal Space Program

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